bulletLibrary Services Unit

The purpose of each library is to collect and organize resources, to provide services to users. The bulk of these services is borne by the librarians service department. This group consists of trusts, journals, reference.

  • Loan section
    Inthis section, the repository of Persian and Latin books is located, and library members can read these books outside of the library after they have borrowed them.
  • Journal section
    Currently, there is a large archive of Persian and non-persian printed publications in the library (about 300,000 copies of the non-persian and Persian editions), which can be searched through their titles through the central library software. With the replacement of the policy of facilitating and increasing the access of users to electronic journals, instead of purchasing limited print titles, the current full text of articles is available. Many of the titles of the Persian and non-persian publications are available through shared databases.
  • Reference section
    Resources in this section include:
    Reference books including encyclopedias, standards, dictionaries, etc.
    Electronic references such as light software, insert, Britannica and…….
    Regarding the nature of the activities of the reference section, most of the requests of clients are in the form of oral questions, including questions from the librarian; the use of library saftware (Simorgh) and databases; referral services to other information and library centers; search and definition of words and the definition of subject areas in research questions; guidance on the use of reference software and finding new sources of reference that has an electronic format or on related sites such as Statistics Center, etc. Due to its nature, accurate statistics can not be obtained from the number of referrals, and only the statistics of the study books and the loan is provided.

bulletAudio-Visual Unit

Audience group is aimed at using visual and auditory information and equipment to support the research activities of faculty members and university students, and includes two units of procurement and production and training.
Preparation and production of photographs and research films required by university users, filming of conferences and scientific andresearch meetings of the university.
Duplication and conversion of educational and research audio and video sources systems.
Lending audio-visual equipment and training on how to use them Scan (print) scans, Provide visual-audiovisual learning services including: Providing, organizing, borrowing and training the use of audio visual information resources.
Providing computer systems to users at the learning location.

bullet Books & Articles Ordering Unit

The task of this group is to provide the information resources needed by faculty members and students of TarbiatModarres University from inside or outside the country.

bulletHardware & Software Support Unit

Support for software and hardware and the central library network is the responsibility of this department

bulletTechnical Services Unit

Cataloging books and references in Persian, Arabic, Latin, etc. according to the L.C classification system from the US Congress Library, the National Bibliography of Iran and the Knowledge Catalogers;

  • Preparation of all classified information sources for submission to related groups
  • Transfer of information resources including books, dissertations, journals, articles, documents and electronic resources to specialized library software
  • Paid with graduates of the TarbiatModarres University and receive the electronic and electronic format of thesis and dissertation

bulletDocument Provision Unit

The task of the department is the provision of information resources such as books, journals, databases, visual and audioresources, both internal and external (print and electronic), needed by students and faculty members at TarbiatModares University.

bulletDatabases Unit

The department has experienced library and information experts who are responsible for providing online services including thisesand dissertations of Tarbiat Modarres University, as well as international scientific publishers databases such as Elsevier , Sprinter, Nature ,Wiley and other international and national publishers.